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How Do I Fill A "Do It Yourself" Wedding Holders With Shards

Posted by Debbie Glick Freiser on

Now that the wedding is over and your feet are firmly planted on the ground, it is time to fill your wedding keepsake (mezuzah, heart, box, etc.) with the shards from your wedding break-glass. Don't be's easy and fun to create. Just remember the shards is sharp glass so be careful.

If you are filling a Love/Ahava Box, just open the hing and place your wedding shards in--no need to make smaller pieces. Don't worry if not all the glass fits, just fill and close top. 

If you are filling a "test tube" with your wedding shards, you'll need to break the shards a bit more to fit in the tube. Keeping the shards in their pouches, wrap in a cloth and place on a carpeted floor -- do not attempt this on ceramic tile or any breakable surface--. Gently hammer the glass pieces to create smaller shards.

Take the top/cork gently off the tube and hand place the shards you've just hammered. This is where your creativity comes to play. As each shard is a different color and size, you can create subtle patterns and designs. Fill almost to top-checking every-so-often that you can firmly (but gently) replace the cork top.

Mazel tov and enjoy creating your very own keepsake to enjoy for years to come.